Live at the Hole in the Wall

by Opposite Day

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Our first live album, recorded at the Hole in the Wall in Austin, TX. We're selling it in person for $5 with it's unique packaging, but feel free to download for free here!


released February 21, 2014

Pat Kennedy - Drums, Cymbals and Octapad
Greg Yancey - Bass and Backing Vocals
Sam Arnold - Guitar and Lead Vocals
Recorded by Greg Yancey
at Hole in the Wall (Austin, TX)
in September and October 2013.
Mixed by Sam Arnold. Mastered by Greg Yancey



all rights reserved


Opposite Day Austin, Texas

Educational Art-Rock for Animals since 2001

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Track Name: What is Is?
What is is? is it’s own is. Isn’t it?
Were we are? yes we were. I am sure
What is what’s is? Is it what it was. or isn’t it?
Isn’t it it? It isn’t its it. It’s its own it

What is is? Yes I think
what is is. And that’s why

That is the that that did that to that that time.
There there. They’re their there over there, over here. I overheard.
When one wins, one’s won one’s winnings. At once, one’s won.
Are we really are? Yes, are is what we are, really.

What is is? Yes I think
what is is. And that’s why

And that’s why is is its own is
Track Name: Stinky
Stinky’s my neighbor’s cat he’s my neighbor’s cat stinky
Stinky is where it’s at he’s where its at do not feed.

13 years old
eats with his paw
drinks from the bath
gets water all on his face
lays in the driveway
please don’t run over him

Kitten from the street
of New Orleans
At a lot of cheese
Now you know what his name means
He likes it when you pet him
but he might bite your hand.
Track Name: Panspermia
Over the heads all over the news
those were the days, days of our youth
before the enlightenment before the highway
we had our ways of entertaining ourselves

Ride on an Asteroid
Crash into the Stew
Lets start a colony
you and me and me and you

Ancient are we. Trillions of years
millions of ships. into the void
but we forgot. where is our sphere?
it's over there. or is it here?

Ride on an Asteroid
Crash into the Stew
Lets start a colony
you and me and me and you
Track Name: Ballad of James
Standing on my stage in your backyard madam
Listening to motorcars and eating bugs
Mrs Wilkinson serves the best seeds
Mrs Wilkinson is the girl for me

I’ll make sounds you can’t ignore
A sampling of all there is.

Do an encore for her and her companions
Maybe my celebrity will make her love me
Singing songs of virtuosity
Dancing on the stage I made

I’m so shy but I’m like a machine
Mimicry parrots the forest and city
You will all make me your captain
First, 45 minutes with Mrs. Wilkinson
Track Name: Helios Panoptes
Ladies love the wise old dudes
robes and beards they never lose
helios the boss of fusion
we’re such a profusion of wisened dudes

we are men we named the stars
we got plans that may perturb you
we disagree but eventually converge

here is what we’re going to do
we’ll find some hydrogen to fuse
send some wind to the helopause
colusses of astronomy
penetrate the space with food and air

we’re Helios panoptes huh
got science hats and telescopic shoes
we disagree but eventually converge
Track Name: Monroe Doctrine
Oh say can you see our young little friends
We’re gonna recognize your independence
Holy alliance won’t enslave you again
A word power just wants your cash
Trading with the UK
Enter john q. a.
An ambitious secretary of state
A thing like this could get him elected
Unilateralist ideas protected

Don’t come in as a cock boat in the wake
Of a British man-of-war
We may be just a joke to you
but in this hemisphere we will be more
and in his state of the union address,
James Monroe would impress
Upon his audience and Europeans
This hemisphere is not one they should be in

The American Continents are henceforth not to be considered as subjects for future colonization by any European power

We speak to you as though we run the show
And in time we certainly shall
You can take this as a statement of our aim
To ensure this neighborhood is not the same
The future is such a mystery
To Quincy Adams and Monroe
The doctrine may fade into history
But power will continue to grow
Track Name: Safety First
Safety first, you must put your safety first