Space Taste Race Part 2

by Opposite Day

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This is Opposite Day's 6th full-length album and a sequel to the 2013 EP: Space Taste Race Part 1. It's 15 songs about going to outer space to taste it.


released July 5, 2015

Produced and Arranged by Opposite Day:
Greg Yancey: Bass, vocals, keyboards, engineering, mastering
Pat Kennedy: Drums, percussion, Octapad
Sam Arnold: Guitars, Lead Vocals, Keyboards



all rights reserved


Opposite Day Austin, Texas

Educational Art-Rock for Animals since 2001

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Track Name: Drake Equation
More than 1, could be 10, so where are all our friends?
multiply by the number of stars
multiply by the fraction of stars with planets
multiply by the goldilocks planets
multiply by the fraction with life on them sometime
Multiply by the fraction of intelligent life
multiply by the fraction of space-faring
multiply by the fraction of time
multiply by multiply by
More than 1, could be 10, so where are all our friends?
Track Name: Golden Age of Saturn
It was foretold Saturns sons would overthrow him.
So he ate is young but Rhea gave him stones.
Neptune Pluto and Jupiter survived.
We can take a trip around Saturn
Harvest the taste as we orbit the pretty one.
Make a ring like Enceladus’ guysers
If we’re smart we can make another
Golden Age of Agriculture
Celebrated by Saturnalia
Congratulations. Robot Slaves get a seat at the table
Follow Cassini. Don’t be frightened
We can land in a lake on Titan
Track Name: AI IOU
Plenty of parts
Scrap travel companion
a facial expression
a science injection
Robot was designed
I was made with mind
Assembled from other machines
Mind emerged from component parts
Stop your hearts
Start em up again
your intelligence borrowed so
put some more spare parts in you
I am rememebering what happened to the parts that make me
I am a conscious agent assembled from other machines
you are what you eat
you are what you’re made of
you’re all I soldered on ya
your parts were cleaned
you are my science
you have the essence of
vacant convergence
sentient emergence
what you going to do?
Assembled from other machines
Mind emerged from component parts
Track Name: Air and Food
There has to be a way There has to be a way
We can do a lot of math We can do a lot of math
Sitting in debris Me and you and you and me
Wouldn’t it be nice if we could grow a tree
On the air inside a comet We could live inside a comet
Maybe we could eat a peach Maybe we could live on it
If I were being honest we could stay here for a while
with artificial gravity. fake gravity and
Air is all we ask.
give us food too if you want to
Air is all we ask.
give us food too if you’d be so kind
Air is all we ask. Food too if you’d be so kind.
We were on our way. Growing old and grey
Dying every day. Rebirthing like a boss
Training cycle got easier and easier
Glad we got that peach tree for me and you and you and me
Race against time We could never loose
With our curvature laser point and fire at everything
succeed excessively, Exceed successfully
We will definitely seed thanks to
Track Name: Hammer out Skeletons
Across the sea across the sky
64 Moons and a big red eye
I’d hammer out justice I’d hammer out skeletons
I’d frame the situation
I whip around in a circle
I make thundercracks in the sky
I have such mass i distort myself
I’m the biggest wanderer in the sky
we changed our minds and changed our clothes.
we’re going to go where the eagle goes
our preperations will be thoroughly helenized.
Track Name: Occulus Maria
We poke your eye and we splash your sea
bringing a craft of air and food
to selene
exit the craft
isnt it nice
that we can all breathe?
oculus maria
who can complain when we got so far?
you’re the only life for a long long way
orbit is locked in tidally
super regolith surrounding me
see our place in the distant space
otherwise a perigee
we have achieved our objective yet
have no idea what is coming next
strain and stress
late heavy bombardment
explosions rage
humanity’s allergy
Track Name: The Extent to Which Nothing is Real
So I dress like a robot I guess
A slave to Robot fasions
imposters like me don’t care about ideology
and that’s just why I make no apology
I think it’s time to launch
it’s time to seal the deal
Tell all the minerals in the world
I think it’s time to launch
it’s time to seal the deal
Tell all the people the extent to which nothing is real
We were so impressed. insufficiently dispossessed
shooting every interval with aesthetic rockets
The song does not exist and neither do your ears.
You can try all day to make sense
but you’ll fail.
Minerals Vegetables and Animals melt and freeze ice
that means that you and I agree to this deal
Track Name: Helios Panoptes
Ladies love the wise old dudes
robes and beards they never lose
helios the boss of fusion
we’re such a profusion of wisened dudes
we are men we named the stars
we got plans that may perturb you
we disagree but eventually converge
here is what we’re going to do
we’ll find some hydrogen to fuse
send some wind to the helopause
colusses of astronomy
penetrate the space with food and air
we’re Helios panoptes huh
got science hats and telescopic shoes
we disagree but eventually converge
Track Name: Underground Veneralia
hazy hazy lazy lazy
sleepy sexy exploratorium
dreams of saturn dream of stars
dreams of snow upon ourselve
reveries of revolutions on a regolith pillow
Windy windy.
voyagers being seduced
by Phoebus. she gonna send you underground
our density is in the air
hazy hazy must escapey
airs attack me seekin safety
flights of love flights of hate
we’re the crowd who finds shelter for for our trip
seduced by shrouded sexy ship
born of sea foam born of star stuff
underground veneralia
change our fungi change our hearts
Track Name: Insectoid Regicide
you have to run sometimes
you have to freak out sometimes
disobey directive prime
you have to fight for your life
the atmosphere is thin
lots of trouble we are in
goldilocks with ill intention
you want to survive to re-ascention
captured like deimos and phobos
we’re prisoners of anthro arthros
insectoid regicide
we want them to disintegrate
you have to run sometimes
we have to try to colonize
we must outpace the restless ones
disintegrate them to great excess
Tyr’s laws Mars pursues us.
the atmosphere is thin and the aliens are closing in
goldilocks will try to eat us.
Chasing us through canali and valles marinaris
we gravitate too weakly but our escape suits keep us warm
we sure killed the boss we did so. its time to get away
Track Name: The Revolution of the Soul Force
Some turds stole our bikes
They were nice bikes and we want em back
Someone stole our bikes and there’s a reward
A reward that you can have if you bring em back
Love is activism and the revolution of the soul force
Some turds stole our bikes
Is what the flyer said
Well I’m not plural and I’m not a turd
And I got sick reading every single word.
There seems to be a crime spree.
There seems to be a spree
Do you wanna go
and visit far away?
Do you want a purpose do you want a change?
Do you want a salary and benefits?
Wish I never stole those bikes
Wish I wasn’t such a turd
So glad I saw that bulletin board
So glad that I became a Saturn shooting star
Track Name: Airtight Chariot
we got a race stretched out before us
guide our souls across the space
guide us to the space place
watch the project take its shape
set for launch goin fast
airtight chariot
set for launch high esteem
here we go
pour some metal forge our launch device
trade and travel guide our swift flight
pull the sun around the sky
hermetically sealed chariot
born of iron build by stars
set upon by slow rotation
built for travel built for speed
yes indeed explorers we
Track Name: Fictional Astrobiology
Come over here I wanna check your pulse
It’s important that the cat is healthy enough
It a mistake to think the hairdos she wears will wear off
I can’t get up and I can’t move about the cabin
Although I’m disturbed by the talk were havin’
Won’t you wait an minute I wanna take your picture
Dont close your eyes I wanna take your picture
Don’t you know what always makes em go?
Civilization is getting old. Teeth are white and blood is cold
The big huge hostess will carry us all over town
Won’t you wait an minute I wanna take your picture
Dont close your eyes I wanna take your picture
Blue is the bloom of seven gaseous dooms
Seven icy moons that taste like bitter trees.
Won’t you wait an minute I wanna take your picture
Dont smell the camera I wanna take your picture
There is no desert there. No ribbons in Her hair. Dressed in black and white.
Come over here I wanna discuss
If you think they’re gonna look like us.
You know it’s a mistake to expect the algae bloom to be green
Don’t you know what always makes em go? It’s fictional astrobiology
Don’t you know what always makes em go? It’s fictional astrobiology
Don’t you know what always makes em go? It’s fictional astrobiology
Track Name: Tentacles Pull Down the Sky
I can’t describe you enormous your animal eye
they won’t believe me you shouldn’t exist anymore
your tentacles pull down the sky
Moon eyes. Watch out for the rocks they cry
Watch out for some boulders descending form orbit and landing on country homes
No bones. Only regular skeletons ossify.
one time it rained down space tears on a sea who forgot where the clouds were supposed to go
Daytime. I used to think the universe was orderly.
Someone broke reality and I was surprised to find that it still worked perfectly fine.
Track Name: Theia
looking for warmth. Blown by solar winds
a long time ago
I saw risk and I saw opportunity
I was just a goddess with an embryonic earth
Helios and the dawn
see my eyes from across the void
Titan of brilliance, mother of Selene from whom all shininess proceeds
collision course. from an oblique angle.
you took my mass
for 100 years the moon will grow
We cracked our mantles. Silicates coalesce.
I became debris
and a magma ocean, my skeleton took leave.
when we collided, I disintegrated
a long time ago
our slow dance of disco destruction
I was just a goddess. with an embryonic earth.