Space Taste Race Part 2 - more songs

by Opposite Day

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These are 3 songs that didn't perfectly fit on the full-length album Space Taste Race Part 2. They still fit perfectly in your ear holes though.


released July 14, 2015

Opposite Day performed and Arranged all 3 songs.
Pat Kennedy: Drums and Percussion items
Greg Yancey: Bass, Backing Vocals
Sam Arnold: Guitar, Lead Vocals and some Keyboards



all rights reserved


Opposite Day Austin, Texas

Educational Art-Rock for Animals since 2001

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Track Name: Ballad of James
Standing on my stage in your backyard madam
Listening to motorcars and eating bugs
Mrs Wilkinson serves the best seeds
Mrs Wilkinson is the girl for me

I’ll make sounds you can’t ignore
A sampling of all there is.

Do an encore for her and her companions
Maybe my celebrity will make her love me
Singing songs of virtuosity
Dancing on the stage I made

I’m so shy but I’m like a machine
Mimicry parrots the forest and city
You will all make me your captain
First, 45 minutes with Mrs. Wilkinson
Track Name: Dirt I Do
Ladies love the famous dudes
Their shiny shoes. They sure do love em
Their hair is special and they like to use
Famous companies and famous movies
Ooh I lose you
when my thoughts turn to clothing I can wear
I like shoes just like you do
I like shoes just like you do

Ask a reporter what they do
When the court rotation reports them tired
I got tried for some shoe crimes
I got wired for potato power

A talking bird made you dinner
Too far distant quality meter
I like quality just like you do
I like quality just like you do

I’m washing my shoes.
Dirt knows the dirt that I do
These feet propel me.
Step away from what I do

Ladies love successful guys
Their shiny teeth so big and white

Disrupt a conference or two
Oh those presentations are so bright
I got tired of knowing what time it was
I got wired at a baby shower

Too many states in between
The shapes and the shadows have all been deceased
I like time much more than you do
I like time much more than you do

Ooh I win you
when my thoughts turn to clothing I can wear.
I like shoes just like you do. I like shoes just like you do.
Track Name: Giant Squid
I’ve got a place to be
it’s not unknown to me
navigate the dark universe
get sustained along the way

there’s nothing you can do to find me in the vast depths
there’s no place I can’t go
mysterious fathoms below

giant squid

don’t look in my enormous eye
don’t try to understand my
just like the kraken, I can’t save you

I know that you badly want to film me. I’m a squishy mystery
unearthly formless chance-like apparition of life


there is nothing you can do to know where I’ll be.
where I’ll be. Where I’ll be

the giant squid is bigger than my mind
the giant squid is smaller than the ocean
the giant squid is going into space

There’s nothing else to say
no way to domesticate
had a plan it was leviathan
so many arms to put back on.